A Reflection on Matthew 14 – Seeing God BIGGER than our Problems


Proverbs 31 First 5 App Graphic The Bigger I see God The smaller I see my worries Kayla Ferris

When I take my eyes off God, I begin to look at my circumstances, my problems, other people, and begin to doubt and worry. I doubt Gods love for me, I doubt His goodness to me, and I worry that my problems and circumstances will never change.

I’m reminded of the story in the Bible in Matthew 14 where Jesus came walking on water towards His disciples who were already in the boat. Peter declares His Faith when he says, “Lord, if it’s you bid me come to you.” When Jesus assures Peter that it is indeed him, Peter steps out of the boat and begins walking on water towards Jesus. Had Peter kept his eyes focused on Jesus, he would have kept on walking. Instead Peter is distracted by the wind and the waves. The wind and waves had been there all along, and in fact were there before he stepped out of the boat in fact. Peter’s circumstances and surrounding didn’t change from when he was inside the boat. The difference was amidst all the noise and distraction after taking those first few steps of faith, Peter took his eyes off of Jesus and allowed the noise around him to grab his attention. That’s when his circumstances got the better of him and the laws of nature took over and he started to sink.

How many times have we too stepped out of the boat in faith, even though the winds and waves were crashing against us?

God’s mercy and grace then saved and restored Peter to safety. How many times have we too stepped out of the boat in faith, even though the winds and waves were crashing against us?We step out because we see Jesus and we believe that He is greater than the laws of nature and bigger than the stormy seas. But then the noise of our storm distracts us and we take our eyes off Him. In that moment our circumstances swell around us and we begin to sink — in despair, in fear, in angst and worry.

If you are drowning today, call out to Jesus as Peter did, and allow His grace and mercy to reach down and lift you up. If you’ve just stepped out of the boat, fix your gaze on Jesus, lock eyes with Him, and don’t look away!!!

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