Are you experiencing resistance in your life?

Tonight on training, a precious coach was sharing how she has faced so much resistance that she could be named Queen of Resistance. She also shared that before she began this program and had a mindset shift, she would have also been the Queen of Excuses. Now she uses that resistance to push herself forward. One of our mentors added that when resistance comes, if we will get into action, it will actually catapult us forward.
I started thinking about that. So I did a little research. Resistance is the attempt to prevent something by action or argument, armed or violent opposition, or the impeding, slowing, or stopping effect exerted by one material thing on another. Resistance will sometimes impede our progress, slow us down or stop us completely. The fact is that resistance is going to come. It’s how you deal with that resistance that makes the difference in whether you stay in that state or whether you make a decision to resist the resistance.
I went to and found this description of catapult — all catapults rely on energy. They use the forces of tension, torsion, and gravity. These forces work to make potential energy. That means the catapult stores the energy until it is released. Upon launch, that energy turns into kinetic (motion) energy. The energy is then given to the launched object!

When I face resistance, there is also potential energy (capable of becoming real), but it won’t actually become anything until I put it into motion (kinetic energy). Then my action will launch me out of that resistance and send me further forward. Its my choice though —

Check out this video of catapulting a fighter jet from an aircraft carrier!! Picture resistance doing this to you!! Look at the momentum this aircraft has in such a short distance!!

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