Go the Extra Mile, It’s Never Crowded

A friend of mine was really upset about something her sister had said this week. I knew that her anger over her sisters comment was really deeply rooted in her love for her. My friend asked me to look over what she had written in response, so I did. It accurately conveyed how my friend felt, and most people would have probably encouraged her to send it….especially since sisters can say those things to each other.

The truth hurts right??? Well I understood my friend’s emotions and I totally get why she wanted to give her sister her a piece of her mind. I gently said “I can definitely feel your emotion through this but maybe you should give her positive feedback rather than negative.” My friend said “I am! I’m positive that I am mad!” 😡 😂 I asked if she wanted me to help her write it in a more positive tone since I wasn’t emotionally charged from it.

She did, and I did.

I don’t know if my friend ever took what I suggested, made it her own and sent it to her sister, but I have found that you catch more flies with honey. And living above the line is a great place to live.

I have found that you catch more flies with honey. And living above the line is a great place to live.


When I saw this shirt, I thought to that conversation this week because my friend had said “Why do I always have to take the high road?!” Well, I do too!! There may be times I fall below the line, but as I’ve gotten older those times are fewer in number. Taking the high road is not easy. There are rocks and slippery places and little trenches to traverse, but the great joy I have in knowing I took the high road in a situation is so rewarding to me internally.

I told my friend that maybe, just maybe, by having a positive response, she would change the trajectory of her sister’s life!!! Today, if you’re in a situation and you’re challenged with how to respond to someone, always take the high road, the road less traveled…it’s not crowded!!!


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