Hindsight is a wonderful thing…


Hindsight is a wonderful thing when we look back over our life and see where God has brought us. 🙌🏻

In Bible study last night, I said that I love to look back and see how God orchestrated the details of my life and at times when I couldn’t see a way out, He delivered me and made a way. It’s in those moments of looking back, I can see His divine guidance and how He brought things together for my good (Romans 8:28).

This morning, I thought about soldiers who have trained for battle by traversing an obstacle course. They don’t hit a wall on that course and then turn around and go back where they came from. Can you picture that? Just imagine what the drill sargeant would say?? I can’t even begin to fathom the words that come would out of his mouth!! 😱😱

No, that solider begins to climb over that wall!! On his first attempt at the obstacle course, it may take him forever to get over the wall, but he eventually musters the courage and strength to get to the top and jump over.

On his next attempt on that same obstacle he will get over that wall quicker because he learned from his first time and he gained strength. He also has history he can use to propel him because he will remember that he traversed a wall before!!! He didn’t have that on his first attempt!!!

Sometimes obstacles require us to get down and dirty. On this same obstacle course, the soldier at some point has to crawl under a barbed wire fence and the only place he can is a deep mud hole. He doesn’t stand there crying because he has to dirty and crawl. He jumps in and wiggles his way under that obstacle. We have to do the same. Don’t fear getting dirty and don’t worry about having to crawl and wiggle your way out.

It doesn’t matter how much progress you make, only that you make progress.

Other times that solider has to make it across a swinging rope bridge. I’m just going to tell you that I’m not a fan of heights!! I would have to think long and hard about going over that obstacle. Then I would remember that I’m no quitter!! To traverse that rope bridge, you need perseverance. At times you may be shaky and have to recapture your balance before you move forward. Those soldiers know the importance of balance so they will take that extra few seconds or minutes to make sure their balance is in tact before taking the next step. We also have to do that.

Sometimes our obstacles will shake us to the core and leave us a little unsteady on our feet. It’s those times, you may need to take a moment, re-center yourself in the Word and in prayer before taking that next step across that obstacle. My leaders in health coaching have a phrase they use in our training and I just love it —

“Make the obstacle the way.” Whatever is holding you back, use that to propel you forward. Don’t be afraid of obstacles.

Don’t turn around and go back when you encounter one. No!! Ask God to help you make it over that obstacle and move forward!!!


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