In Step with the Spirit

A few weeks ago I was on vacation with my mother, my brother and his family, and his in-laws. On one particular day, we had driven to Hoover Dam and then on to Vegas because my nephew just wanted to see it. I was driving one vehicle and my brother was driving the other. While in Vegas, we pulled into a parking lot, and I looked over and my brother was steadily searching something on his phone.

After about ten minutes or so, he says to me, “Follow me.”

Of course being the planner person I am, I ask the all-important question, “Where are we going?”

His response, “You don’t need to know where we are going. You only need to follow me.”

Okay, so that’s how it is bro! I had a decision to make … I could sit there and do nothing; I could refuse to put the car in drive until he told me my destination; or I could simply trust that my brother knew where we were going and follow him. I chose number three. As I was following him though, on a crowded interstate in Vegas, in what seemed like rush hour traffic, my brother changed lanes and I couldn’t immediately get over. By the time I could, five cars were between us, which distracted me from seeing where he was going. If he changed lanes or exited, I couldn’t see him. So I pulled into the next lane and drove (okay, sped) until I was ahead of him. The result was the same … if he exited or changed lanes, I wouldn’t know. The only way for me to follow him was for me to stay in step with him. It is the same in our walk with Christ. The Spirit knows God’s plan for our lives, and it is His responsibility to take us to where God wants us to be. God doesn’t always tell us our destination, but He says, “Follow me.”

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