Leaps of Faith and Mastery Curves

GOD is at work in your life right nowSometimes we think we are taking two steps back and feel like it’s “wrong”. When we get down the road, we realize that those two steps back actually gave us the extra space we needed to gain momentum for that next sprint on the path God has laid out before us.

I was at leadership training in November where all of the presenters built on each other. The last presenter was phenomenal and one thing she talked about stays in the forefront of my mind. She said we live in cycles of mastery curves. Once we master something we will become stagnant unless we jump to the next mastery curve. But the hard part is taking that leap of faith to the next mastery curve and realizing that you are basically “losing some ground” when you jump because the beginning of each mastery curve is below the pinnacle of the mastery curve you’re on.

In order to grow, you have to be willing to take a leap of faith to the next level.

I believe those leaps of faith are exactly necessary to moving us forward and even though it may feel like we are taking two steps back, it’s moving us forward!! I’m thankful for every time God has directed my steps and led me through a setback because that ultimately became a setup for the next thing He was doing for me and through me!!

Are you facing a setback right now?? Praise God for it because He will use that to set you up for the next great thing!! One door closes and He opens another!!!

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