Thirty Days of Thanks – Day 16

Thirty Days of Thanks – Days 16

Today I am thankful for memories!! I have had to say “see you later” to some very special people over the last 15 years who have gone home to be with the Lord. When a memory of them pops in my mind or I see something that reminds me of them, a smile drifts across my face. Sure, I miss them greatly and would give anything to see them face to face one more time, but memories of them make the days a little sweeter.

This morning, I saw this memory on Facebook. Manette was always telling me how beautiful I was — even when I wasn’t. It didn’t matter to her what I looked like, how dirty or how clean, how dressed up or how casual, in a hat or with my hair perfectly coiffed, she thought I was beautiful. I would love to hear her say “there’s my sweet” one more time when I walk in the room, but until I make it to heaven, I will just have to hold to the memory of hearing her say it in my head!!

If you’ve just lost a loved one, I promise you the pain eases with time, and the memories you shared with them will bring a smile rather than a tear. Just keep trusting in God for strength on the hard days!!!


What are you thankful for?
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