Thirty Days of Thanks – Day 30


Day 30  of  Thanksgiving

Today I am thankful for doors 🚪 that God has opened for me in 2018!! I told Him I would walk through every door He opened as long as He walked through it with me!! He has been faithful to open doors I never knew were even there!! I mentioned this briefly a few days ago but on this last day of Thanksgiving I wanted to highlight some of them!! I’m sure that I will forget a few….

* My calling to preach the Word as an Evangelist was confirmed on one particular Sunday in March by 3 different people 🙌🏻

* I was a guest on Babbie’s House with Babbie Mason to discuss the devotional book I wrote, “Reflections of God’s Grace”

* I had a guest interview the following month on Babbie Mason Radio that is broadcast worldwide

* I was selected as Volunteer of the Month by USTA GA for my service to the tennis community

* I preached at Waverly Hall Baptist and Evangel Temple and haven spoken at Civic Organization meetings, women’s group meetings and other events

* There are four more pending board approvals that I believe I will be able to announce in January that I know are God-Ordained

* I will begin the credentialing process through Assembly of God in 2019

* I began my journey as a health coach, which has given me an avenue to extend my ministry

I know God is going to continue opening doors in 2019 as I am faithful to seek Him and His will for my life! I covet your prayers!! I’m excited that 2019 will be the year I publish my second devotional book as well!! God’s been faithful to give me messages to write!!! They encourage me so much and I can’t wait to share this new book with you!!

What are you thankful for?
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