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“Reflections of God’s Grace” is a collection of devotional messages that have simple, yet profound illustrations for Godly living.

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Michelle Hanna

Michelle Hanna, a long-time resident of Georgia, grew up on a church pew, singing hymns and listening to her grandfather, and later her uncle, preach the Word of God. After graduating college, she began her career as a computer programmer, never dreaming of writing a book. Throughout her life, she served in many capacities in her local church and for 12 years sang in a local, Southern Gospel trio. Beginning in January 2015, she felt a new calling on her life – to encourage people through devotional messages that are tied directly back to Scripture. God has been faithful to speak to her, giving her the messages and the words to convey those messages. Her heart’s desire is to serve God fervently, to always have tender ears to hear His voice, and to answer any calling He places on her life – even if it is something she never dreamed of doing.

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Reflections of God’s Grace is a collection of devotional messages that have simple, yet profound illustrations for Godly living. They are reminders for many of us of what we have learned through sermons, songs and Scripture. Each devotion has a group of Scriptures to support the message because God’s Word is most important.

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What Readers Have to Say

If you’re looking for something to help you expand your friendship with God, this is the book for you.

Containing Scripture to back up each of its messages, it is biblically based and contains unique illustrations of Scriptural concepts that will help you grasp what each devotion is trying to tell you. Again, if you’re looking for something to help you get closer to the Lord, then this book would be a good one to add to your collection.

The book is wonderful.

I love how Michelle used simple everyday examples in how God works in our lives. I read it daily and have given it as gifts.

My New Favorite Devotional

Unlike some devotionals that a devotional a day, this one just has a collection that can be used in random order. The author starts with an illustration from her own life or observations, draws a conclusion, and then gives several relevant scriptures. This as a refreshing approach that is not preachy and definitely Bible based. This is my new favorite devotional.


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Reflections of God’s Grace


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