Choose to Live

This morning on the radio, Dave and Bill were asking people to call in with a six-word story line that a song or novel could be written around. They were looking for something that could have a variety of outcomes just based on six words. There were some funny ones that people called in with. I thought, What would my six words be? “I’ve decided I choose to live!” Now some people would think that refers to someone who’s been in a dark, dark place and has thought the unthinkable and then decides life is worth living. Others will think that refers to someone who is tackling items on their bucket list. But neither of those would be the story for my six words. When I think about those six words, I think about my relationship with the Father. He is my source of life! I could be breathing, with my heart beating out its normal rhythm, and fully functioning, but if I’m not abiding in the vine (John 15:5), I’m a walking dead man.

Each day I rise, I have a choice to make, and my choice from yesterday is no
longer relevant. I still have to choose this day whom I will serve. It’s a daily walk. It’s a daily relationship. It’s not a once a week on Sunday walk either … it’s every day of the week!

Each day that I choose to walk with Christ, I am choosing life! I pray that you choose life too! Even if you have not chosen life for the last 9,999 days, you can choose life today, and then you can choose life again tomorrow. God’s ears are open, and each day He is listening, just waiting for us to say, “I’ve decided I choose to live!”

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